Fine Arts

The arts at Foxcroft help you find your unique voice. Whether playing the piano, performing with a ballet class, taking voice lessons, or being a “techie” during stage productions, you’ll discover your individual passions while honing your creativity.

— Karin Thorndike, Fine Arts Department

“If you have a passion, if you like doing something, you are going to find a part in the arts that resonates with you or find something that you are good at. It's in there.”

– Fine Arts Department Chair Julie Fisher

“The Arts hold a special place in the curriculum, really allowing the girls to have that freedom and flexibility of self-expression.”

Arts News

  • The Hamilton Conspiracies

    The Hamilton Conspiracies

  • Belle, Gaston, Company

    Disney’s "Beauty and the Beast"

  • Arts Week 2023

    Arts Week 2023 Performances

  • The Abandoned Factory, 1949

    Radium Girls



List of 6 members.

  • Photo of Julie Fisher

    Julie Fisher 

    Director of STEAM Education; Department Chair, Fine Arts; Yearbook Advisor
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  • Photo of Karin Thorndike

    Karin Thorndike 

    Fine Arts, Dorm Parent
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  • Photo of Ginny Riley

    Ginny Riley 

    Digital Media Specialist and Video Production Teacher
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  • Photo of Rylee Simmons

    Rylee Simmons 

    STEM, Dance Instructor, Dorm Parent
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  • Photo of Nance Sweet

    Nance Sweet 

    Art & Ceramics Teacher
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  • Photo of Salvatore Capaccio

    Salvatore "Sonny" Capaccio 

    Music Teacher/Music Coordinator/STEM/Dorm Parent
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